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  • Quality Certification ISO 9001:2008, AQAP 2110 Ed. 3, ISO 9100:2009 (in progress)

                  CERTIFICATION ISO 9001            PECAL-AQAP 2110 - 129423 - DAS PHOTONICS 

  • Dual-use material Export License (Special registry of operators of the Ministry of Industry)
  • Members of the associations "Proespacio", "Cluster AERO CV" and "TEDAE"
  • Recognition as innovative SME (PYME innovadora) by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness



  • CEEI-IMPIVA Award: best business project
  • Emprendedor XXI Award: innovative company. April 2007
  • Instituto IDEAS Award for Creation and Development of Enterprises. December 2007
  • Sello Innovación Award: best innovative company path. October 2009 and November 2010
  • EIBTS Award 2009: best innovative technology-based company. November 2009
  • Valencia Emprende Award: management category. November 2009


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