Traditionally, Radar Jamming systems are implemented electronically which does not allow to fully exploit its benefits, since its behavior is frequency dependent. This problem is a great drawback since if the operational frequency of the radar is unknown the system is not operational.

A solution to overcome this issue and taking profit from Radar Jamming is the photonic implementation of such systems. Photonic techniques can allow implementing systems independent of the signal frequency emitted from the radar. DAS Photonics RADAR Deception System can simulate radar echoes from the platform where it is mounted, terrestrial, aerial or naval. This is possible via the generation of variable wide bandwidth optical delay lines with:

  • Easy Implementation of deception techniques as RGPO, VGPO, Cross-eye
  • Complex RCS generation
  • Reduction of weight and dimensions
  • Frequencies between 0.02 and 40 GHz
  • Low cost related to RF solutions