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DAS Photonics has been the subject of a substantial article in “Cinco Dias “A Spanish newspaper, under the section known as “Pequeños gigantes” which, from Spanish, translates to "Small giants”. It exhaustively reviews the history of the company, from its creation in 2006 to date, in the words of the CEO of DAS Photonics, Javier Martí, who highlights, among other aspects, the growth that the company is experiencing. Both Economically and resource wise, as well as the main contracts reached with the US Pentagon or the Middle East countries, thanks to the advantages of the photonic technology used in the systems developed by DAS Photonics.

“Cinco Dias “the Spanish economic newspaper was founded in 1978, which makes it the oldest among the Spanish business news entity. It Is a part of the   Spanish media group known as PRISA.


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