Regarding Aerospace, DAS develops solutions for both ground segment and space segment systems. The aim is to bring the benefits that photonic technology provides to the space market such us significant mass/size reduction as well as EM immunity with cost-effective solutions. The current applications developed by DAS Photonics are in the line of photonics links for digital and RF signals, frequency conversion and phased-array antenna beamforming.

DAS Photonics has developed a product line for both digital and RF optical signals transmission based on RF-on-Fiber technology, accomplising with the stringent space qualification standards.

DAS Photonics’ main customers count among the prime integrators leading the international aerospace markets.

In addition, DAS has been working very closely in several ESA programs devoted to study, design, develop and test photonic solutions for space applications (i.e.: data transmissions, LO/reference signal distribution, wideband ADC, frequency conversion, beamforming, etc). The validation of these building blocks for space are preliminary steps towards providing a transparent/flexible photonic payload to operate at bit rates as high as 1 Tbit/s with hundreds of antenna beams.

By using their state-of-the-art facilities DAS provides complete photonic, electronic and RF design as well as mechanical design and test, project management, low-volume printed circuit board assembly, system integration in a ISO-7 (class 10.000) clean room cleaning room and testing to deliver complex, high-quality systems to the international aerospace market.

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