DAS Photonics currently has a department dedicated to bio-sensing tasks with applications on medicine, food regulation, environmental control and biological risk (CBRN) fields. A department with such features and fully involved in an expansion process aims the development and commercialization of biosensing products/devices based on highly integrated nanophotonic sensors.


DAS Photonics has technological capabilities for designing, testing and manufacturing nanophotonic devices, as well as photonic modules and entire systems, customized for different applications in demanding fields such as Defense, Avionics and Space.


The synergy of photonic technology in combination with the most advanced developments in RF converts DAS Photonics one of the pioneer companies in developing devices capable of exceeding technological borders, limited up to now by the bandwidth, losses, size and interferences of current electronic systems.


DAS Photonics has a highly qualified human team for the development of its own electronic systems, which connect photonic and radiofrequency.


The development of systems in aerospace and military environments requires the compliance of severe tests which must be successful in order to guarantee the system strength.DAS Photonics has the capabilities to design and develop mechanical systems which are capable of carrying shock, vibration, extreme temperature and watertight integrity conditions, among others.