DAS Photonics has technological capabilities for designing, testing and manufacturing nanophotonic devices, as well as photonic modules and entire systems, customized for different applications in demanding fields such as Defense, Avionics and Space.

DAS Photonics has the capabilities for the entire development and characterization of components and electro-optical subsystems, operating from few KHz to milimetric band frequencies, as well as different signal processing, widely overcoming current performances of electronic devices. Between the most distinguished developments with photonic technology, it can be mentioned the photonic digital receiver (ELINT/ESM system) for detection and processing of radar signals until 40 GHz, the optical ECM module, the emulator for calibration and testing of EW/radar systems, the ruggedized equipment for RF links and high-speed data in optical fibers, the optical beamforming for phased-array antennas in telecommunications satellites and boats and advanced equipment for radioastronomy (generation of calibration signals until 125 GHz)