DAS Photonics

DAS Photonics is a Spanish company providing high-end solutions based on its proprietary photonics technology for the most demanding applications worldwide both in Space Communications and in Signal Intelligence fields.

DAS Photonics’ products competitive advantage is given by the intrinsic features of photonics technology, beating electronics by far in terms of Bandwidth, Size, Weight and Power consumption (SWaP).

DAS Photonics customers, mostly platform prime contractors or Government Agencies, are located in three different continents, with systems deployed in many countries for Defence and Space applications.

To understand the reality of DAS Photonics, it is essential to first comprehend its origin, present and future positioning.


DAS Photonics was founded on the 16th of August of 2005 as a spinoff of the NTC technological institute that boasts of wide experience, international recognition and prestige in the area of technology. This technology was conceived after the increase in yearning to meet the unattained needs that had not been reachable by the conventional electronic technology. Hence, it is a matter of technology that shall extend into the technological market in the long run.

DAS Photonics is oriented towards the development of technology with photonic properties that matches the industries of:

Defence and security

Avionics/ Aeronautics

Satellite / Space


Our activity is focused towards new applications that require:

Optimization of space and weight through miniaturization

Optimization of Energy consumption

Maximization of performance (wavelength, dynamic range etc.)


The mission of DAS is to take up an international lead in the development of innovative products with high added value and specialization, based on technology with photonic properties that cover market needs of our strategic sectors.


Das Photonics is certified in the standards:

ISO 9001: Quality Management

EN 9100: Aerospace Quality Management

AQAP/PECAL 2110:  NATO Quality Assurance Requirementes for Design, Development and Production.




And in its commitment to communication to its stakeholders it has published its Quality Policy.



DAS is developing key enabling photonics technologies to upgrade satellite payload performances thanks to the inherent benefits brought by Photonics.


DAS Photonics provides next generation radar and communication threats awareness, countermeasuring and signal intelligence gathering solutions. These beyond state-of-the-art solutions are able to cope with the most advanced techniques.


DAS Photonics products are powered by proprietary photonics technology. Our products detect, transport, route and analyze complex broadband RF signals in real time thanks to photonics-assisted processing.


DAS Photonics has successfully led and participated in FP6, FP7 and H2020 funded projects, ESA and EDA R&D programmes. R&D activities have focused in technologies such as photonic integrated circuits, photonic LO distribution and modules for SATCOM payloads and ultra-broadband photonic-assisted sampling, among others, allowing DAS Photonics to advance the TRL of proprietary photonic technologies afterwards transferred to its product portfolio. DAS has also led National and Regional funded programmes focused in critical product developments.