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  • Advanced Photonics Technology

Current landscape in Defence, Space and Avionics  markets is rapidly changing and existing products need to be significantly upgraded to be able to cope with the ever increasing performance demands required to offer competitive products and effective solutions. In the Defence area, R-ESM systems must be able to detect, identify and track land, sea, fifth-generation fighters and space threats equipped with the latest available RF and electronic hardware technologies and software techniques  operating at higher frequencies and featuring LPI emissions(broader bandwidth and increased flexibility, with advanced capabilities such as frequency hopping or adaptive coverage). C-ESM  systems, consequently, must have adaptive capabilities to ensure efficient neutralization  of such threats.

In the case of Space applications, increased capacity, on-board routing and adaptive coverage is required in next generation SATCOM, aiming at digital and analogue High Throughput Satellites (HTS) operating up to 1 Tbps. RF technology is not able to cope with such performance demands at a reasonable SWaP and cost/Gbps.

Photonics is the unique technology capable to overcome the existing bottleneck imposed by traditional RF and electronics technologies in terms of processing speed, flexibility, reconfigurability, data handling capabilities and SWaP in both Space and Defence markets.  

DAS Photonics products are powered by proprietary photonics technology. Our products detect, transport, route and analyze complex broadband RF signals in real time thanks to photonics-assisted processing. This breakthrough approach enables our systems to handle higher frequencies and wider bandwidths offering sharp resolutions and unmatched flexibility when compared with legacy technologies, with a 30% SWaP reduction. Besides, photonics technology scalability allows our systems to be prepared for future evolutions of the scenario and user demands.

DAS Photonics combines the use of proven COTS devices with in-house developments based on Photonics Integrated Circuits (PIC). During 10 years, the company has developed and established design, manufacturing, assembly and test methodologies that ensure DAS Photonics products withstand the stringent vibration, shock, thermal, EMI/EMC and outgassing  requirements imposed by our Space and defence clients. DAS Photonics products are fabricated to last 15 years under space operation conditions.

Next technological developments rely on PICs, as they are the only enabling technology to reduce the SWaP and increase the performance to levels required by next generation applications, for instance based on drones and nano-satellites. Since 2005, DAS Photonics has been leading the development of photonics technology based solutions for Space and Defence markets.

DAS is recognized internationally as the leading company in the field of photonics for Defence and Space applications, which resulted in the validation of our R-ESM solutions within the FCT-OSD programme of the USA Department of Defence (DoD) or more recently being the first company worldwide embarking a broadband photonic multi-frequency converter in a commercial satellite, HISPASAT H30W-6, launched March 2018.