Prevailing in the electromagnetic spectrum battlefield is one of the priorities for the Armed Forces in the 21st century theatre of operations.

DAS Photonics provides next generation radar and communication threats awareness, countermeasuring and signal intelligence gathering solutions. These beyond state-of-the-art solutions are able to cope with the most advanced techniques.

Critical Infrastructure Protection has also become a matter of concern, due to the availability of unmanned vehicles that can be used as spy or attack devices.


DAS Photonics provides a full range of Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) and Electronic Attack (EA) Solutions, covering most requirements and platforms with form factors for Land, Naval or Airborne applications. The portfolio also includes Electronic Warfare Operating Support (EWOS) Software and CESMO standard implementation for full interoperability, giving us the capability of providing from isolated subsystems up to complete cooperative multi-platform deployable systems


DAS Photonics R-ESM/ELINT provides spectral monitoring with extreme bandwidth coverage from 0.5 to 40 GHz and an instantaneous bandwidth of 40 GHz ensuring a true 100% Probability of Interception (POI), therefore defeating the frequency agility of the 5th generation LPI radars (up to more than 1,000 simultaneous threats). 360º coverage and 1º accuracy in Direction Finding is provided through interferometric antenna implementation.

    • 100 % Probability Of Interception (POI)
    • 0,5 – 40 GHz bandwidth 40 GHz Instantaneous Bandwidth (IBW)
    • 1 º RMS Direction finding accuracy 360º DF coverage
    • Real time digital processing, time-frequency multiresolution analysis
    • Cooperative Emitter triangulations for threat positioning - CESMO enabled
    • Threat library for identification and intelligence analisys
    • Widest Dynamic Range for universal scenario deployment


DAS Photonics C-ESM/COMINT solution monitors from 20 to 6,000 MHz instantaneously, without sweeping and reaching Direction Finding accuracy down to 1º RMS. The COMINT software features hundreds of decoders, including GSM as an option.

    • Correlative Interferometry Direction Finding accuracy down to 1º RMS
    • 20 – 6000 MHz monitored instantaneously No sweeping
    • Hundreds of decoders included GSM decoding as an option
    • Tunable SDR-based receivers for signal decoding
    • Cooperative Emitter triangulations for threat positioning – CESMO enabled
    • Adaptative RF chains for performance: Comm signal filtering, anti-jamming…
    • 1, 2 or 4 independently tuneable channels


The R-ECM, Radar Deception and Jamming system, provides Multithreat Jamming Capability with a very short latency time in the range of nanoseconds, being so effective against advanced ECCM techniques. The core of these systems is Photonic RF Memory (PRFM) implementing multiple deception techniques such as RGPO, VGPO or Cross-Eye directly in the photonic domain.

    • Stealth mode operation Low power needed for deception
    • 0,5 – 40 GHz bandwidth 40 GHz Instantaneous bandwidth
    • RF Photonics based
    • Deception techniques, exploiting PhPRFM-generated signals
    • Seamless integration with Mission Software and EWOS
    • ECM Programs: effective against radars with advanced Electronic Protection capability
    • ECM Response: multithreat jamming capability (modular system)


The C-ECM, Follower Jammer, includes 20 – 6,000 MHz Frequency Hopping monitoring (up to 2,000 jumps per second) with a reaction time lower than 100 µseconds), capable of jamming most of the FH communications.

    • Powerful kW emission (adaptable to CONOPS needs)
    • 20 – 6000 MHz monitored instantaneously No sweeping
    • Very Low Latency
    • Complete set of jamming programs, including Frequency Hopping
    • Seamless integration with EWOS supporting Mission Planning
    • Log-periodic antennas for energy direction.
    • Multichannel/multithreat jamming capability
DAS Photonics latest development addresses Critical Infrastructure Protection challenges, both for detecting, jamming and spoofing UAV and countering spatial threads coming from micro and nanosatellites.


DAS PHOTONICS Counter UAV system implements a combination of radar (detection), C-ESM (identification), jamming (data denial) and Spoofing (take control) for Critical Infrastructure Protection.

Space watcher

Patial threats identification and jamming. Micro and Mini (SAR) Satellites detection capability